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Standing Computed Tomography

At VetweRx North, we are excited to introduce standing CT capabilities to allow for quicker and easier diagnosis of your horse's condition.

VetweRx North

The Qalibra Advantage for Equine CT

CT (computed tomography) Scans combine X-ray imaging and computer technology to allow veterinarians to identify and diagnose various diseases and disorders in a horse's body. 

VetweRx Equine is proud to have the Qalibra Standing CT at our North hospital location. We are the only veterinary hospital offering this state-of-the-art diagnostic technology west of the Mississippi.

The Qalibra CT system couples exceptional image quality with the versatility needed for veterinary medicine. The Qalibra system is unique because the entire gantry moves around the patient.

Our equine patients can now be examined safely, using the world’s best and fastest CT scanners without the need for general anesthesia.

The patients may be examined under either general anesthesia or under light sedation. Examinations of the head, cervical spine and distal limbs to the radial and tibial bones can be acquired while the horse is standing.

Equine CT | VetweRx Equine

CT for Head & Neck

How Qalibra makes head and neck CT scanning easy:

  • Simple, safe, and efficient patient positioning.
  • Examinations can be completed in minutes.
  • 0.5mm thin slices allow visualization of even the thinnest bone lamellae, periodontal supporting ligaments and intervertebral nerves.
  • The neck can reliably be viewed up to C3/C4 in most standing horses.

CT for Distal Limbs

Distal limbs of standing patients have never been more accessible. Here's what Qalibra CT can do:

  • Examinations up to the radius or the tibia.
  • Incredibly short examination times.
  • Superior soft tissue detection compared to low-field MRI.
  • Positioning of the horse is similar to farrier services, providing familiarity and comfort.
  • Standing, yet non-weight-bearing examinations allow CT arthrography without general anesthesia and reduce artifacts from load-bearing.
  • The 0.5mm slice size combined with the latest algorithms and over 80 reconstruction filters allow imaging of the smallest lesions in ligaments, tendons and hyaline cartilage.

Equine CT Under General Anesthesia

To view the pelvis, back, stifles, etc. in the anesthetized horses, Qalibra makes the process simple:

  • Gantry opening (70 cm) permitting examinations of the cervical spinal column and stifle joints in adult horses.
  • Simplified positioning of the horse without an external table significantly shortens the duration of anesthesia.
  • The gantry moves over the horse, no need to pull the horse into the gantry for positioning.
  • Large field of view (70 cm), high generator output and software with the latest interactive algorithms make examining areas with high X-ray density, such as a large body mass, possible.

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