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Noltrex is a 4% polyacrylamide hydrogel for intra-articular use in the treatment of equine osteoarthritis. After injection, Noltrex coats damaged articular cartilage with a lubricating layer to help reduce joint inflammation.

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Noltrex for Joint Pain

Noltrex offers an innovative option for the treatment and management of joint issues and lameness, particularly when there is a known articular cartilage defect.  A 4% polyacrylamide hydrogel, Noltrex binds to areas of damaged articular cartilage to provide a synthetic cushion and improve joint lubrication. While other therapies focus on treating the symptoms related to joint issues, Noltrex focuses on addressing and managing the underlying cause. Noltrex is the only intra-articular injection that provides a layer of lubrication at the cartilage surface. It is an ideal choice to use in combination with other therapies to potentiate long-term joint health.

Some of the key benefits of Noltrex are:

  • Long-lasting
  • Protective
  • Non-pharmaceutical
  • Long-term therapy
  • Safe for horses with metabolic disorders

Noltrex for Horses, Longmont Vets

How Long Until Joint Improvement Occurs?

The length of time until a horse begins to show improvement will vary. Depending on the horse, you will generally see a change in one to three weeks. 

If only partial improvement has been seen after five to six weeks then a second injection of Noltrex may be recommended.

How Long Will Noltrex Remain In the Joint?

As time goes on, natural joint friction will cause Noltrex to break down.

Once 30 to 60 days have passed, these particles will be small enough to be absorbed by the body. This will ensure that no Noltrex particles remain in your horse's joint once they are no longer needed.

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