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Spryng is an animal-derived medical device consisting of collagen and elastin. After intra-articular injection, Spryng helps to reinforce joint cartilage by forming a sponge-like microcushion to simulate cartilage dynamics.

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Improving Joint Function

Some of the most common conditions addressed by equine veterinarians involve lameness originating from joint pain. Historically, treatment focused strictly on pain management, reducing inflammation, and mitigating symptoms.

Newer regenerative and biologic products are providing an alternative to symptomatic treatments with hopes of actually addressing the underlying causes.

Spryng helps to restore missing and damaged cartilage mechanics, which are common causes of osteoarthritis and degenerative joint disease.

Once injected into the affected joint, Spryng helps to reinforce and protect the cartilage surface from daily wear and tear. This long-term protection is also safe for your horses of all ages and metabolic conditions.

Spryng for Horses, Longmont Vets

How Spryng Intra-articular Injections Work

The compound within Spryng injections is made up of two naturally derived proteins, which are collagen and elastin, as well as one carbohydrate.

While in the manufacturing process, these molecules will assemble themselves while being stabilized and sterilized. This will create a matrix that can be easily molded and is also insoluble.

These particles will then have the ability to form a sponge-like cushion that can be shaped to fill the synovial space.

The resulting biomaterial will then be able to mimic the natural function of the cartilage by absorbing and releasing synovial fluid as your horse moves and the joint experiences impact.

Spryng FAQs

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